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Dixie Dregs: Live at Montreux 1978 (1DVD)

Dixie Dregs: Live at Montreux 1978 (1DVD)

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The Dixie Dregs dipped their artistic cup into streams of jazz, bluegrass, country, rock, Celtic, and even classical music. They were a cut-above many of the artists at Montreux, in terms of dynamics and musicality, garnering an unusual level of respect from what may be considered a condescending, snooty crowd. With that in mind, the group had no problem playing an unorthodox set consisting largely of unreleased material. This includes “Leprechaun Promenade,” “Patchwork,” “The Bash,” and the title track from their forthcoming album (and Grammy-nominated) Night Of The Living Dregs. “Attila The Hun,” from 1981’s Unsung Heroes, and “Kathreen” were also unreleased at the time. Nevertheless, the blend is seamless as the group’s chemistry pushes the boundaries off the cliffs and into the wasteland. “Freefall,” the title track from the second Dregs album, properly lifts off with freefalling solos from Morse, Sloan, and Parrish. Like a swarm of locusts, the music becomes an amalgamated force, squirming for space during “Leprachaun Promenade,” and locking in as Morse and Sloan become one on “Wages Of Weirdness.”
Songs / Tracks Listing
2.Leprechaun Promenade
3.Country House Shuffle
5.Attila The Hun
6.The Bash
7.Night Of The Living Dregs
8.Wages Of Weirdness
9.Take It Off The Top
Bonus Vision 1 The Dixie Dregs Live on 'American Bandstand'
12.Crank It Up
13.Band interview with Dick Clark
14.Bloodsucking Leeches
Bonus Vision 2 The Dixie Dregs Live on 'Don Kirshner's Rock Concert'
15.Punk Sandwich
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Hangok: angol

Feliratok: felirat nélküli

Készítés éve: 1978

Hossza: 60 perc
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